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Location: Westlands,

Beaconsfield Road,

Chelwod Gate,

RH17 7JU

Tel: 07881 634911

Email: leadmetoluxury@hotmail.com

What do we offer?

All of our prices are a guideline and are dependent on the owner's requirements, coat condition and temperament.

Full Groom: £35 - £85 (2 hours)
(depending on size, condition and behaviour)

Wash & Dry: £15 - £30 (60 mins)

Introductory Puppy Package: £20 (30 mins)

(three sessions before a puppy is 6 months)

Nail Trimming: £8 (15 mins)

Parasite Removal: £25 - £35 (60 mins)

(depending on size, condition and behaviour and infestation)

Special Treatments: £3 - £5 (15 mins)

(depending on size, condition and behaviour)

All of our full grooms include 6-point health check, ear clean if necessary, nail trim, bath, dry and style.

We ask that each of our customers brings treats for their dog especially if the dog has any allergies. We have treats that can be provided if necessary, however, there will be an extra charge.

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