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Location: Westlands,

Beaconsfield Road,

Chelwod Gate,

RH17 7JU

Tel: 07881 634911

Email: leadmetoluxury@hotmail.com

Dog walking services

Fully insured, DBS verified and canine first aid qualified

Free consultation

We offer free consultation within a 5-mile radius of our base in Chelwood Gate for us to introduce ourselves and discuss your dog's behaviour. 

Group / social walk

Our experienced and reliable walkers will pick your dog up and safely transport them in a well-ventilated vehicle to a local walk. Your dog will get to know our regulars and form great bonds on these walks. 

Your dogs will be given a drink and towelled down before their ride home where we will be settled, ready for an afternoon snooze!

We carefully match our dogs for these walks but to qualify for a group walk your dog must be well socialised with no signs of aggression, able to go off the lead with good recall, happily travel and keep up with a moderate pace.


Solo walk

For some dogs, a group walk can be overwhelming. They may have anxieties about travelling, mixing with other dogs or just be challenging in general. In this instance, we’ll assign a walker who is confident with much bigger breeds for example and dogs with behavioural issues such as fear aggression, super sensitive, high energy level dogs or those who may lunge or be more challenging to handle.

Peace of mind

When walking your Canine friend, we will always keep them on the lead. We will ask for your permission to let them off the lead and we will both sign a consent form.

We can leave a customised report card and text you informing you of what your dog has got up to on their walks. 

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